soundinitiative comprises eleven musicians from Australia, Belgium, China, France, England, Italy and Poland who have each forged their own careers, both in France and abroad, as soloists and chamber musicians. The ensemble is dedicated to the performance of contemporary repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries, and to creating new works through collaboration with both established and emerging composers. Their mix of backgrounds affords the group a rich collective musical insight encompassing myriad cultures, musical languages and musical experiences. Since their formation in 2011, the ensemble has already started exploring the collaborative possibilities of Paris, working with young composers and artists and developing links between the visual and performing arts.    

Based in Paris, the ensemble brings an international flair to the French contemporary music scene and has built a strong audience following through their innovative programming, strong stage presence and constant collaboration with local and international composers. Performances in underground venues (Societé de Curiosités, Atelier Marbleu) complement the group’s concerts in more typical venues and allow the audience and the performers to interact in a more intimate, relaxed environment.

Since their first season in 2011 the group has been invited to perform at Ars musica, Festival Sons d'Automne (Annecy), les Rendez-vous contemporains (Paris), as well a tour of northern France & numerous concerts in Paris at the Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre, Collège Franco-Britannique & the Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe. The ensemble has worked with composers such as Hector Parra, Georges Aperghis, Oscar Bianchi, Tom Johnson, Joanna Bailie, Jean-Pascal Chaigne, Christopher Swithinbank, Jérôme Combier, & Jean-Luc Hervé.